New-Persia Comics!

I have decided to start my very own comics to share with my readers.  Check out the first one for this week-I call it “Persia’s Pussy Fart”-and let me know what you think.  To read it in full size, just click the image and it will open up inside a new window.  If you like this one, wait until you see the next one.  Stay tuned-more of these are on the way.

Click To See Full Size

Click To See Full Size

14 thoughts on “New-Persia Comics!

  1. Blackzilla

    Persia has moved into the Hentai market the japanese will love you more haha!!

  2. kiss 1

    persia, there’s a thread on you at Sweetheart Video’s Forum. in the Gen Forum Section.. would you like to work for them…? i’m a fan of this Forum too. com’n and join the fun. and please Post. sweetheart video is all G/G. and they have another site called Sweet Sinner. its Boy/Girl. Scene’s. and Nica Noelle runs the show. so, come on in & Join and POST away. thanks Kiss 1

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