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Webcam Shows

I will be able to do private webcam shows this weekend. Please email me at for details and to set up an appointment. These are paid shows per minute or 30 min segments for $50.00 and 60 min. for $100.00. I hope to see you all there. I will always post when I will be on flirt4free.com so you can see me!

US Open

I really love this tournament! Pebble Beach played so hard for these guys! Big scores and poor Dustin Johnson choked as bad as Greg Norman did when he blew the Masters! The worst part of Dustin’s nerves was that we only got to watch him for a few holes. His body is so hot, I was ready to enjoy watching it for a few hours. McDowell was a good winner and it was fun to see him enjoy the moment with his Father.

U.S. Open Pick

The U.S. Open is my all time favorite tournament to watch because it is open to anyone. It doesn’t get much better than the open at Pebble Beach Golf course too. I am betting Dustin Johnson may take the trophy this year, but a part of me wants Tiger to win.

I have always said I would rather go through a divorce than 3 putt. I wonder if Tiger feels that way this week? I bet he would take a 3 putt or two to avoid the aggravation of his divorce.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dad’s out there!

Thanks For The Suggestions

I just want to take a minute to thank all of you who have sent me suggestions for filming different types of scenes. I love your ideas and plan to use most of them. Lots of great scenes will be coming to the website this summer. We are filming two great belly dancing scenes this month! The more experience I get as a producer the better the scenes are and the more fun too! Please continue to send me your feedback.


I just took my cougar action on the road to Calgary. I was only there for a one day shoot so I had to move fast! My host was so accommodating. His name is MO DICK. We walked for miles downtown sipping on a hot cappuccino from Tim Horton’s while he introduced me to the city. Calgary is a real cowboy town. I wanted to buy some new cowboy boots but the boot store was closed and I bought a hat instead. The have a huge festival in July called “The Stampede” which I would love to go to one day. The name of their football team is the Stampeders. Calgary is a rich, oil town and the architecture is amazing works of art. One of the children’s hospitals has big hand prints on the side and is designed to look like leggos. I wish we had health care in the U.S. like Canada does.
I had an awesome day in Canada with Mo Dick and will have a hot Persian Cougar scene for you to see from my visit!

New York City

New York is always a great place for me to visit even if it is raining. My sisters and I love broadway shows and caught a few while we were there. First we hit the ground running and saw the Jimmy Fallon Show! He is very funny and quite intelligent. His house band “Roots” is fantastic. The next day we went to the matinee of “La Cage Au Foilles”. I have always been fascinated with tranvestites, so this show was great entertainment. One of my sisters and I saw “South Pacific”. It was tremendous and the only show we saw that had a live orchestra. Most shows use canned music these days, quite disappointing. We also saw “A Little Night Music” with Catherine Zeta Jones. She is pretty, but we walked out after the first act. We were all falling asleep. It was like watching paint dry. Skip that show!
A restaurant you MUST go to is Basso on W. 56th Street! Best Italian food I have had in awhile.
I got to see a couple of fans while I was in the Big Apple, but I can’t show and tell!!!!!!

Winners of MILF Video Contest

We had 6 entrants in the video contest. Check out the winners!
#1 CombinationLocke Wins the date with Persia!

#2 Drunkvagabond Wins a 1 year membership to Persia’s Website!

#3 lyghtleo769 Wins a one month membership to Persia’s website:

#4 Joseole11 Wins an 8×10 autographed photo of Persia:

Congratulations to all the winners! Check out their videos! I just love them.