Addendum to Paris

So Monsieur Pierre Pilates came up to my room and as I was ready to walk out the door and go with him to have a drink and flirt, he stops and says “I thought we were going to drink in your room”. (He also showed up empty handed, no wine no nothing). Then he says,
“I wanted to give you a massage and show you some Pilates moves!” I had to laugh! I bet those moves had something to do with my legs over my head or even maybe Pierre was going to teach me how to put the soles of my feet on the back of my head!!!! I very quickly dismissed the fool and walked with him down the street. I went to a market and came home with a fresh baguette, some shrimp and green olives with cheese.

I could live in Paris! The people are happy and friendly (even if they all smoke too much). It is the only city I have not enjoyed being alone in. Maybe it is just too romantic! France is much more exciting to me than Italy, but I love action and people and France is so full of life. When I return, I won’t be alone, and I will know the language. A couple of people suggested that I go shopping at Galleries de Lafayette. Only go there if you like to spend $500 on a shirt, which I don’t! I did find a great lingerie shop on Rue de Madeline…and you will see some of my new panties very soon!

Here is a self portrait of me in my hotel room in France!

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