Aren’t we supposed to stop and smell the roses everyday?? Well, I hope you are as much as I am. Maybe it was all those years as a nurse working in critical care that makes me live by the seat of my pants. I am in Hawaii decorating a house. We pulled it all together today. I just have one more ferry trip to Maui to buy a few things and then I am off on another golf junket.¬†

So we have this wonderful engineer/carpenter from Maine… His name is Rusty. He is really straight and nerdy, and when we were wrapping up the day when we decided to share some rum and coke. The painter suggested that I show Rusty my tits and when I pulled them out he dropped jaw and classically spilled his drink all over his jeans. I conveniently suggested washing his pants and drying his jeans…. and then I lapped danced for him on his very tight, pink and blue¬†checked boxers. What a night! I will maybe post some photos of our great time. I have a small layover in LA for you lucky dicks, and then I am off to zoning with my golf ball again. Until my next adventure! Ciao!

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