My first real stop in Europe was Amsterdam. The weather was perfect, cool and crisp. I stayed at the lovely Hotel De L’Europe. My room was on the canal and had a gorgeous view. The canals and streets of Amsterdam are beautiful. I went to several great restaurants i.e. “Bordeaux” which I highly recommend; and of course had to stop in a coffee shop/hash bar. I am an advocate for legalizing drugs and everything else, but I am not a marihuana user myself. I smoked too much pot as a kid, so all it does for me is give me a rapid heart rate and paranoia so bad that I need to shut myself in a closet. I did go to the Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum which was interesting.
Being the sex addict and sexpert that I am, the red-light district at night was a must see. Unfortunately, the socialist environment does not lend itself to the freedom and fun that I have experienced in the U.S. clubs that I have worked in. There are streets lined with windows with girls standing in bikinis or lingerie selling themselves. I prefer more experienced women and also they must love what they are doing. So many women that sell sex are so plastic and hardened. It is a high order to stand in a window and ask for constant rejection from passersby, but how can a person want to buy time with a woman that does not make eye contact or smile? I bought time with 2 girls because I never have in Amsterdam and it was like I thought….just okay and the typical scam of yes I will play with you but if you want hard core sex for awhile you have to be an automatic cash machine constantly putting out. I did buy a blow up sheep that I plan to give to a perverted friend of mine. Here is a photo of me on a fun boat ride on the canal. Next stop….Normandy. DSC_2173 (1)

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