Anal Scene Scheduled

Can you believe I am doing back to back anal scenes this week? (No pun intended LOL!!!!)  I am shooting my very first anal scene for Score on Friday, and the first double penetration scene on Saturday.

Mr. X, I know you are reading this, so get a jar of vaseline and plan to come over on Sunday and rub my poor, little bootie hole!

22 thoughts on “Anal Scene Scheduled

  1. PersianCock

    AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!>:D< :-*

    I can’t wait to see it!!!!I’M HARD FROM NOW ON :D

  2. PersianCock

    btw, ur persian so would u do a set wearing something sexy in GREEEN to show the support to iranians? or piss on ahmadinejads pic!!!!(no i dont have pissing fetish)

  3. Persia Post author

    I have a very bright colored dress with green in it that I will take to the set. Since I am shooting this scene for the Score Group, I don’t have command over the set and wardrobe; however, the makeup artist and I have become good friends, so we will look hard for the colors of the flag. You must love my “Persia’s Liberation” scene?

  4. PersianCock

    “Persia’s Liberation” scene is FREAKING AWESOME! One of my fav scene of you, I gott buy your footjob scene too :p GREEN ANAL then;) Very wise idea, I totally lvoe that;)….

  5. Persia Post author

    Glad you like those scenes. I just can’t wait to do my Belly Dancing scene, having a difficult time finding the talent as I want the right look for the scene.

  6. Persia Monir

    Honestly, my theory is that women who like it in the ass must have problems with intercourse in their vagina, or they have a big vagina and don’t feel much. I have an excellent vagina, tight with lots of sensation, so anal sex is unnecessary. I did get chills all over my body during the scene and my partner noticed it and was like “Wow! That really felt good huh?”

  7. PersianCock

    well of course persian pussy must be tight and juicy ;)
    but i assume u wont do it anymore?
    any sample pic or shots?

  8. Persia Monir

    I never say never. Of course I have teasers from the scene coming your way. I may win an award over one of my anal scenes. Life is full of irony you know?

  9. sukscool

    man ur so fucking awesome.. ummm i would love to get a chance to fuck your sexy horny nawty pussy.. i loved the hard pumping scene in the liberation movie. i love jacking off to your video right on the morning when i wake up with a hard cock. mmm

  10. Persia Post author

    Thanks for the comment. I don’t get much feedback on this scene and I really enjoyed this one. The creampie in this scene was incredible. Creampies are my biggest turnon.

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