My April Fools!

Anyone who is close to me, knows to better watch out on April Fool’s Day!  It isn’t a celebrated holiday and all the better for me to subtlety sneak up on you!  I was busy running errands yesterday before my big trip to Augusta and my subconcious  mind kicks in…and I realize it is APRIL FOOLS DAY! DAMN! I have almost let it slip away.

I was helping my traveling friend go through his checklist of the day:

1. Itemize the list for the client

2. Give the proprietor the flight info

3. Pick up the dry cleaning

4. Call the dog sitter

OH! I interrupted. You have called the dog sitter, but she called back. “Yes?”

Well, She says she cannot watch the dog this week. “WHAT?” GAWD!”

(You see the dog sitter always can watch the dog).   APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!! I YELL.

He is really too wonderful of a person to torture for more than 5 seconds, and besides, I am a girl and it is just not my nature to torture, just to tease.

I am devilish however and realized that my son was easy bait and has the same sense of humor as his mother. I just couldn’t resist the phone call. We are

leaving for Augusta this Sunday. I made the call…..

“Hey, What are you doing?”

“On my way to class”.

“I have bad news….”

“Yeah, well, US Airways fucked up our flight and we can’t leave for Augusta until Thursday”.

(keep in mind, that the boy had spoken with all of his college professors and re-scheduled all of his classes tests and even taken off work to go to this tournament)


I felt the adrenaline, disappointment and despair for just a moment before I said “APRIL FOOLS! GOTCHA AGAIN”

“Oh that was a good one Mom”! Ha Ha Ha! Damn, I can’t believe you got me this year!

My friend and I were very tired after being out all day and I was extremely horny! My friend gives great oral sex and loves to bury his face in my muff, so I obliged him to eat me.

Man oh man did I have a giant orgasm. It was back arching, nipple twisting, atomic, volcanic, screaming, convulsive and ecstatic!!!!!

When I finished, my lover laid his body on top of mine and I whispered “April Fools!”  His eyes got big as saucers thinking that I faked my orgasm. I laughed like crazy and then had him fuck my  dripping wet pussy! Ummmm! What a great day!

2 thoughts on “My April Fools!

  1. Ali

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