I just returned from Austin Texas. What a great city for music!!!! I had dinner with last year’s contest winner Nathan. He gave me an ink drawing of my Persia image and we had a great time at Threadgill’s. Any place with live music and home cooking is always good!  Barton Springs is a must see in Austin. It is a natural stone pool that is freezing cold and very refreshing when it is 102 degrees outside.  I also had to play golf. I missed the cut for the USGA Women’s Senior event, but I guess my day job has priority right now! Another great thing in Austin are there Alamo Draft House locations. They are movie houses that serve alcohol and food. The food is fantastic and the movies are spiced up with old clips, old cartoons like the old movie houses had. It makes going to see a show much more enjoyable.

Glad you all are enjoying the Gang Bang scene. We have lots of new stuff coming your way!

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