The Beach

As a producer, I have my eyes and ears open at all times and try to catch as many real life situations on film. Unfortunately, most of the best times just can’t be caught, like my day at the beach last week…..
I met a man recently that I would say accidentally, except that I don’t believe in accidents. This guy is aware like a cat, but so cool and laid back that one wouldn’t even know that he paying attention to what is around him. I know he really likes me by the proximity that he keeps his body to mine at all times. If I could choose the most important quality about a man that really turns me on, it would be his voice. Not only does this man have a sexy voice, but a laugh that would put Santa Claus to shame.
It was a perfect day in Florida; sunny, breezy but not windy. The ocean had just enough waves to play and the temperature of the water was about 75 degrees. When the sun went down we were all alone at my favorite spot. You all know the one because I shoot clips there all the time. Then he just took me. He mounted me and grabbed handfuls of my ass and fucked me over and over and then came all over my tits and stomach. We both laughed and jumped in the ocean. Refreshed and exhilarated, we flopped back down in the sand. Wow! He still had an erection. I wasn’t about to let that go to waste. He rolled me over and pulled my ass open and pounded my pussy again and again. It was wonderful pushing and sliding the cool sand beneath me. We kept fucking and then jumping in the ocean to rinse off. He came at least four times and that was just the beginning of a night of ecstasy.

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