Thanks to all of you who sent me birthday emails and wishes. It is good to be loved and it is always nice to hear from fans and loved ones especially on my birthday. My birthday was Friday and I had an excellent day: Got my nails done (pink), then went to the beach to work on my tan lines. The ocean was so rough I almost lost my thong completely! Then I took a nap. Great so far, right? For dinner my sweetheart took me to Cafe L’Europe then off to the titty bars. I love strip clubs and even after dancing in them for 20 years I can’t stay away. We went to Monroes in Palm Beach ( I used to dance there when it was Club Diamonds). They put a canyon rock facade on the walls but the place is just the same with much stricter rules. I found a delicious girl to dance for us, but their champagne rooms are $500 for 15 minutes, so we took a pass on that. What a ripoff!!! I am hoping the chickie will call me and make a movie with me. She was 22 dark with very, soft lips and a beautiful big ass. She was really into me too. Then we finished the night at my favorite dive: T’s Lounge. The strippers are always bombed out of their minds and everyone in the place is having fun. We sat by the stage and like five girls were on stage at once, no show and no feature tonight. Since it was my birthday, I got up there with them. I had on a very feminine dress with my hair in an up do. The DJ loved that I wasn’t wearing any panties and I was flashing my big fur burger! I pulled my boobs out of the top of my dress and the girls went nuts playing with them. I even earned a dollar from a patron. It was like old times. I laughed and took my seat and then another woman from the crowd got up there with them. She looked like a fat Janis Joplin. It was comical and very entertaining as T’s always is. This year was one of the best I have had in a long time. Let the good times roll. If I have photos in my phone, I will try to add them later today.

I will share some photos from a little family party I am having today. One of my French Bulldogs, Phoebe also has the same birthday as I do so we are having a funny party today. She is 4 years old by the way.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! I will be online at 12 Noon tomorrow for the next cam show!

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