Blog Series on Trip to Europe: ICELAND

I am back from Europe and will be writing a series of blogs about each city that I visited. If you ever have the chance to fly Iceland Air—–DON’T!! They have gorgeous flight attendants, but other than that the food is lousy and the seats (even first class) are very uncomfortable. I hope all the women there have lots of pussy hair because that place is a cold and dreary barren land, however, the people are very friendly and stunningly handsome, strong and engaging. I did visit the blue lagoon hot springs which is a natural spring and wonderfully warm. Iceland reminded me of Kona in Hawaii because of all the lava rock. That was my one souvenir from the country, a lava rock to scrub the callouses off of my feet. If I lived in Iceland, I would be fucking 24/7! Maybe it is the perfect place for me since I was born to fuck. Next stop, Amsterdam.

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