Busy Summer!!!!

I hope you all are having a relaxing and fun summer season. As usual, I am staying very busy and hit the ground running everyday. I have dedicated more time lately to practicing golf (which makes me a boring porn star! Ha Ha!). In between traveling and meeting fans, I have entered several golf tournaments. I will keep you posted on my performance results.

Last Saturday we filmed a scene with Dungeon Master Adam Angel and Angelina Castro. Angelina is experimenting with BDSM, so we gave her an assful of experience. This is a special scene and will be on sale in the boutique next week. It is called “THE BAD SUB”.

Coming up, I will be in New York City July 16-23rd. Looking forward to seeing my fans once again!! I may try to get to Dallas this summer, but will be in Hawaii the month of August. I love hearing from you all! Please post your comments and I promise to get to them all!

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