I just took my cougar action on the road to Calgary. I was only there for a one day shoot so I had to move fast! My host was so accommodating. His name is MO DICK. We walked for miles downtown sipping on a hot cappuccino from Tim Horton’s while he introduced me to the city. Calgary is a real cowboy town. I wanted to buy some new cowboy boots but the boot store was closed and I bought a hat instead. The have a huge festival in July called “The Stampede” which I would love to go to one day. The name of their football team is the Stampeders. Calgary is a rich, oil town and the architecture is amazing works of art. One of the children’s hospitals has big hand prints on the side and is designed to look like leggos. I wish we had health care in the U.S. like Canada does.
I had an awesome day in Canada with Mo Dick and will have a hot Persian Cougar scene for you to see from my visit!

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