Christmas Present

I got just what I needed for Christmas…..a new golf bag! Last month I took a trip to Tampa to do a scene with Rachel Steele. It involved mucho dildos! Have any of you ever tried to take a plane or train carrying 30 dildos in your bag??? It can be quite a scene in the security line having even one dildo. I decided to wrap all my toys in my golf bag in my clothes. Unexpectedly, I was invited to play a very, private and prestigious golf course in Tampa. They used the caddie system at the course. I had forgotten about the dildos until I witnessed my caddie, Sean carrying my bag. It was so heavy that the inner lining was coming out of the top around the plastic casing! I didn’t tell Sean what was in the bag, but apologized for the heavy burden after the round. At least I played halfway decent and didn’t hit my ball in the bunkers or woods. Who would think a golf bag would be destroyed by dildos?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Present

  1. realhmf

    As a matter of fact we have tried to take dildos through the airport…… one or two or maybe three (smile). If you get a female, there is usually a knowing smile, the guys kinda blush. Never had to do the unpacking thing …..

    see you in a couple of weeks, Viva La Vegas!

    yours forever, the one and only realhandsomemotherfucker

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