Day #1 in Vegas

I usually arrive in Vegas late afternoon or early evening, not this time. I arrived in the morning, unpacked my suitcase and ran right over to the show. I was impressed how many people were already walking around. I was on a mission to look at all the new dildos. I really need some new ones (hint hint!) They are making new shaped better ingredients in sex toys this year. Good Vibes made the best ones I think. After dildo shopping, I browsed the isles and checked out all of the booths. Playboy Radio was in full force doing interviews one right after another. One of the hardest things to do at the show is deciding which parties to go to! I ran back to my room at Mandalay Bay and took a power nap before starting my long night. Most of the hotels have circular bars in Las Vegas. I meet more people and have the best times at those bars, especially the one at the Venetian. I met some great folks at the circle bar and then off to the party at the Erotic Museum. You will see a clip of me getting bound and spanked by a Master Dom. It was a great start to a fantastic week!

2 thoughts on “Day #1 in Vegas

  1. therealhmf


    How did you like the displays at the Erotic Museum? Great old dildos from the dark ages, victorians and such. Also their wall of shame is pretty cool too

    lots of love

    the one and only realhandsomemotherfucker

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