Ebony and Ivory

This is the name of the Gang Bang scene coming to the site next month. The cock call was small in numbers, but my two studs that showed up got a high five from me.  I am always impressed when amateur males can maintain an erection while working in front of other males and a camera.

So look for CHUCK STEAK AND HARI BALZACK in “EBONY AND IVORY”.  Thanks boys, you did a fabulous job!

12 thoughts on “Ebony and Ivory

  1. Chuck Steak

    Hey persia! I had a blast at the shoot When do you think you are going to put up the update? i cant wait to see how it turned out. That cum shot was great

  2. Persia Post author

    You were fantastic! I wish I had a photo of you guys high fiving each other at the end. That gave me a grin! The scene will be up in October some time. Look at the calendar on the website for all of the updates. Hope to smell you soon!

  3. Mike

    how’s this Interracial? considering you yourself not being white. if that’s the case, shouldn’t everything you do be considered “interracial”

    I just thought the whole category is dumb. let’s just see your sexy self with no matter who it is.

  4. Persia Post author

    Are you calling me a Sandnigger? The first time someone questioned my nationality, I was 6 years old, and I will never forget it…a schoolmate asked me if I was a nigger. I felt so sorry for the girl because at six years of age, I realized how ignorant she was. Mike, I really don’t see color, I look a little deeper at the person. A dictionary would be a great place for you to start. Look up “Nationality” and “Caucasian”. It is an ethnic world out there. Glad you like my sexy, half-breed self. I do too!

  5. Mike

    no dummy, I was not calling you a “sand nigger” . I don’t subscribe to that mentality. I just thought it was dumb that you having sex with black men can be considered “interracial”. the term was created by insecure white guys to outcast black men. you running with it is a bit funny, if not ironic. do less thinking and more fuc*ing before you hurt your brain. that way no one looses.

  6. Persia Post author

    Hello Mike, I guess your question was confusing to me. I can think and fuck at the same time. It is a win-win situation. I can also pat my head and rub my pussy at the same time. Thanks for your input.

  7. Mike

    uhm, no please don’t start to think NOW. you ended up being a pornstar so obviously you’re not good at thinking. just be that. a pornstar. sort of an object for guys to enjoy and throw away. nothing more nothing less. now we’re all winners.

  8. Mike

    lol, you really are not SMART. why would I hate women? I’m just letting how we most of us view YOU.

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