Faceporn Vs. Facebook

Faceporn is my favorite board on the internet. Deviant that I am, I feel totally exposed and out of control on Facebook and fear for of what someone will write on my wall. Americans are so uptight sexually with all their rules and convention.  Faceporn on the other hand  is one big community orgy. Sex is so much fun and Faceporn is the place to network for it.  One of my friends made my day today when he wrote me a simple message, “I WANT TO FUCK YOU”. It was simple, raw, vulgar and honest. In real life, I do love formality and romance. In fact, I insist on it. The foreplay of teasing and tantalizing is what makes sex all that more enjoyable, but I love having a cup of Java in the morning and going to my favorite place where my friends are getting naked and showing off. Faceporn Rocks!!!!!!

13 thoughts on “Faceporn Vs. Facebook

  1. Persia Post author

    Hey Blackzilla, You definitely should take a look at Faceporn. It is user friendly and easy to move around and see lots of people. I have an important question for you today. I will IM you shortly love.

  2. thalivest

    Confused?!? You said you insist on formality and romance, but when someone said “I WANT TO FUCK YOU” that made your day. Real talk… it’s extremely rare you can say that to female, and they’ll like it much less make their day. This from someone who’s been told one of my flaws is being too honest. I just don’t get that. Maybe its a “Woman Thing”.

  3. Persia Post author

    Women are unpredictable and hysterical. We are all bitches. Sorry, but it must be a woman thing. One thing I do love about women is for example, if I make a suggestion to a male friend about going out to do something, they usually whine and try to control the activity. Women are always up to go do just about anything. I love both the sexes in different ways. I find men are the sex that really hates confrontation. What do you think? I love honesty and am probably a bit too candid for the average person.

  4. Persia Post author

    I have never been to Iran unfortunately. Now I wouldn’t go for sure. I would probably be stoned to death. My ex was very American. Too much so. I prefer a more international or well traveled man.

  5. Persia Post author

    Ali, do you really think my son watches my scenes???? We have a normal relationship. My sex life is none of his business!!!! He is so normal. I told him a long time ago that only one deviant is allowed in every family and that would be me! He has no desire to be in the adult industry….if he did, he would have my support. My son plans to play on the PGA tour. I have coached and conditioned him to be a golfer from the time he was in utero.

  6. Ali

    I really wonna have sex with you, i want you to suck my hard cock, i wonna suck your big tits, i wonna fuck your pussy and i wonna fuck your ass. I want to have sex with you badly. I can’t afford to come to florida but i hope you can come to Toronto and we can go to a hotel and have as much sex as we want. Please try to come to Toronto, i want you so bad, my cell phone number is 647 680 4841, you can give me a call at any time. I love every inch of your body, i’m so horny right now.

  7. Ali

    I want to have sex with you badly. I want you to suck my hard cock alot and i want to have my hard cock inside your butt hole and inside your pussy. I want to fuck you so bad, i want to fuck you over and over alot.

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