Today I want to write about facials, and I don’t mean the kind that I get at the spa! Many guys love the visual of their cum all over a pretty face. I hear lots of people opine that it is disrespectful to women and degrading. I disagree. It is good, sexual fun! However, there is something I don’t like about facials…I am amazed how every man thinks that he can control his cum shot. That just never happens. Every time I agree to a facial, SPLAT! directly in my eye. Great! I get a nice ph burn and walk around with red eye all day. Here is a suggestion for you men that get off on facials. Keep a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses handy for your willing recipient and put them on her before you shoot. Designer wear is preferred and chances are she will stick around for round two. Your feedback is welcome!

2 thoughts on “Facials

  1. seth

    I have never been a fan of facials, the last thing i want to do to a nice woman who was kind enought to help me cum is to shoot it up her nose or in her hair (if i am lucky enough to miss her eye). How do you feel about swallowing or cumming inside your partner?

  2. RonGetzLucky

    Facials are hot, I like cumming in a womans mouth even more and having a lady swallow it (or in their pussies EVEN MORE), but there is something hot about a beautiful woman with a nice big cum shot on her face and the glasses are a nice touch since I LOVE a woman in glasses.

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