What do women really want?  I will tell you guys that women love attention and companionship, but the necessary thing to really make a woman come is….WORSHIP!  Becoming a porn star is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  You ask Why?  The fans!  My fans love and worship me.  Just this week, I met a long time fan. When I met him, he was watching one of my videos produced by Stony Curtis “Your Mom Tossed My Salad” or something like that. I let him undress me and he just ravaged my body from head to toe.  He even licked all the makeup off of my face. It was a heavenly experience.  He kissed my neck over and over and then rubbed and sucked my breasts until they were beat red, I licked my armpits like a crazed cave man. Then, he rolled me over and indulged me in a wonderful back massage and ended it by rubbing his cock in the crack of my ass while sucking on my toes. OMG! I swear fans like this make my life heaven on Earth!

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