Whew! I am been a busy bee these days. My golf obsession has gotten the best of me and I have been enjoying playing in tournaments this summer. Pinehurst, Cherry Hills and The Greenbrier were some of the last destinations that I played. It is fun to be the golfer, but I have to juggle all of my personalities, so Persia will be back on the road in October.  New York City is my favorite place as you all know, so expect that to be my first stop.  I have some illness in my family, so I will be visiting with family over the holidays this year.  I will post any tour dates as I book them. Dallas and Toronto are on the list and I plan to stop in Germany next summer. Please email me any film ideas or requests to persiaspalace@gmail.com.  My webcam shows are overdue and I am going to be spending most of my future time on webcam. I will post an update on the shows next week. Love you all!

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