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So many times in life, I think that I have seen everything and then I get surprised all over again. One of those times was when I arrived at LAX to return home a couple of days ago. I get off the Hertz shuttle and the skycap says “You’re Persia right?”  He remembered me from when I was out in LA in September. He says what a big fan he is and that he would like an autographed photo of me. I happened to have 10 or so 8×10′s to choose from in my carry-on and he picked the one of me wearing a black thong. He then checked my bags and begged me to let him feel my tits. I was squeezing them through the metal stand where they check people in. It was hysterical, pushing my boobs through a small opening to he could cop a feel!!!! The moment was a great way to start my trip home.

4 thoughts on “Flight Home

  1. Daniel


    I’m a 27 year old male originally from Toronto. I came across one of your videos on a free site, which led me to seek out your personal website. I’m not a big fan of porn, or the industry as a whole. I had a high school acquaintance who years ago moved to LA and did a three year stint exotic dancing and doing porn. To put in nicely, she came home much more damaged than she already was, and the stories she told me forever ruined my fantasy image of porn. Needless to say, I view it on an “emergency” basis only (e.g. 3-4 times a year) and not without guilt due to my friend’s tales. I do, however, realize women have varying experiences in the industry.

    The reason I am writing is to say there really does seem to be something unique about you. In real life, and whenever I’ve viewed porn, I’ve exclusively been attracted to women who appear to be around my own age. No exceptions. At 27, 18-24 year olds look like children to me, 30 something women seem to be fast approaching middle age, and 40 plus year old women remind me of my mom and aunts. That’s just not attractive to me. I never connected with the “MILF” concept.

    However, I find you to be quite different. I find you to be exceptionally attractive. You look extremely good. I mean, poetically good. You look like my favorite song. You’re quite simply gorgeous. Which leads me to wonder, is it all the skilled hand of a make-up artist, airbrushing, and complimentary lighting? It doesn’t seem so, you look very natural. You seem like a natural beauty.

    I know this is a long shot, but I would love to see you in person just to know if you are really authentic. Do you actually meet people in person? If so please let me know the venue.



  2. mr davey

    Dear Persia,

    I agree with everything Daniel said, especially about you. It would be great if he could meet you and see what a wonderful person you truly are.
    You are one in a million.
    (If you were Chinese there would be more than a thousand just like you. ha ha)

    mr davey

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