Girlfriends Films

You all are going to start seeing me in lots of places on the internet. The second company I filmed with while in LA was Girlfriends Films. You know I prefer men over women, but have strong bisexual tendencies and really love to be with a woman when the chemistry is right. Since I naturally love women, I thought this shoot would be the easiest. It took like 6 1/2 hours, but only because the scenes and script are detailed and we shot in a dark, Spanish style home where lighting the various rooms was a challenge. My opposite was a young, blonde hottie, Hayden. Most adult films require lots of talking and continuous stream of trash coming out of one’s mouth….not with Girlfriend Films. The director likes silence, lots of silence to build sexual tension. I play a gold digging widow who is hording jewelry, money and whatever I can get my grubby hands on to keep my step niece from taking what is rightfully hers. At one point in the film, I stuff a diamond ring in my cunt and dare Hayden to come and get it. In the beginning of the scene, I became amused when Hayden became impatient with me and was telling me my lines. Little did she know that the director had told me to forget the script and just be silent. Hayden thought I was a little on the dumb side. I showed her differently once we got started. I definitely earned her respect once she experienced me in bed!

2 thoughts on “Girlfriends Films

  1. Lucky Al

    Wow… can’t wait to see that movie… Hayden doesn’t know how lucky she was to have you and all that sexy energy inside you and all around you! ;-)

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