Golf Lesson With Tiger Woulds

You all are just not going to believe this….but Tiger Woulds called me and wants a golf lesson from ME! Imagine that!?!!!! You read it right! He has evidently hurt both of his knees. He told me he was surfing on the internet and found my topless golf tips. Tiger was excited that I was located in South Florida. He is looking for a new way to improve his game, and wants a golf lesson, so I will be teaching him this week. He consented to letting me film the golf lesson, so I will be bringing it to Persia’s Palace in the near future. Look for the scene very soon!

3 thoughts on “Golf Lesson With Tiger Woulds

  1. seth

    Hmmmm Tiger, I have this feeling he is hoping you will do more then just play a cpl of holes *grinnnn. You might be asked to help him handle his club and wash his balls.

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