What’s Happening With Persia

I wanted to update you all on what I am up to. First of all I have to tell you that The Masters golf tournament was the most exciting event. I was glad to see such an exciting event live! The driving range was all new and it is always great to watch the players warmup. Everyday we would follow different people and sit on various holes. On Tuesday’s practice round, we followed Rory McElroy. This kid was swinging so pure that he looked like Zorro with his golf clubs. On the final day of the tournament, I sat at 16 green which is a real turning point in the tournament. One can see the action on 15 fairway and green and 16 tee and green. I followed Rory starting at #2 that day, but when he missed his putt on #5, I stopped following him. Champions don’t miss putts on the last day. When he made the turn on #10 he choked…when they posted his score, the huge gallery at #15 and #16 just moaned. It was a sinking feeling for a golfer. I came home with great memories and souvenirs. I hope you all can get to experience The Masters in your life time.

When I returned from Georgia, I got my porno fix immediately and did a Girlfriends Film shoot with Sadie Michaels. I was the horny, aggressive accountant in the movie. On set were Jodie West, Anita Dark and Brandi Love. I will be working with all of these girls in the near future.

This is the final week of the Perfect Woman Contest. I will be choosing the winner soon, so stayed tuned in for the results the first week of May.
I will be filming some steamy, hot scenes for you this summer and launching a VOD website for your pleasure.
A big thank you to all of you who support Persia’s Palace.

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