Happy Holidays from Persia!

I hope you all are having a great holiday season! I put my Christmas tree up yesterday and am looking forward to a month full of festivities. I really wanted to get to Boston this month, but the only time I could get away would be Christmas week and I don’t want to hassle with the holiday airport traffic. I will be coming to Boston around January 19 and then to New York City again on January 22nd. For my boys in Philly, I will be giving you my undivided attention in February some time.

I want to thank all you panty sniffers for your orders this month. Ummm! hope you like the style and color I sent to you. Be on the look out for the new videos I shot for The Score Group. They will be on their website MILFS over “50″. They really do such a professional job.

I have been getting lots of email for you men who want to get into the Porn business. Please direct all mail and inquiries to persiaspalace@gmail.com. To answer a common question I get: “What do I like in my personal sex life?”. The answer may disappoint you: I prefer one on one intimacy. Love women, but nothing can compare to a real man, especially if I give him all my love and all my pussy. Recreational sex is entirely different. I love to play and I really get turned on by role playing and people who can reciprocate their good acting and sexual skills with me.

I encourage all of you to comment on ALL my blogs on this site and www.pornthevote.com. I love the interaction. Let me hear from you!

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