Happy Lovers Day to all of you! I hope you experience love in some form or fashion today.  You can be sure that I am. Yesterday I made a new movie called “Persia’s Chocolate Valentine”.  You are finally get to see Persia enjoy real chocolate.  Today I am making another movie called, “Persia’s Cupid”.  Lots of surprises for you all when I return from Hollywood.

Big Kisses,


5 thoughts on “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

  1. Vita Matyas

    Hello Persia !!! Thank you very much for such a beautifull wish and, of course, also I wish you only the love !!!

    I´m called Vita and I live in Prague, Europe. Tonight I could not sleep well, so I was trying to find at least some little info about you on/in the net, because before – nothing special for me. And what a magic and a fortune, you´ve got your own personal site!!! And what a nice !!! I found that on IAFD, by the way. So, for me it´s such amazing…, simply I am very happy, because…….. I don´t know, maybe sometimes is better to contact the person you want to talk to, than long time over and over try to find something what probably only you know…
    I like you, I admire you, I watch you on the net, I know where are you from, what you have done, but just one, just one little information, about you, must exist sure. But I didn´t find anyway, or enywhere ..:))) Now I´m appologizing you a bit, cause I am the Astrologist also. But so hot maybe like you in your work. Please, please could you right me back your d.o.b., or better just the sign of zodiack in which you´ve be born. The Sign will be all right, it will be just enough for my pleasure.

  2. Vita Matyas

    I hope I will not take you such much time and discomfort you , dear Persia. That´s my simple request or wish or big interest.

    I wish you just the Love and nothing more. Be happy in your all life, my strange Valentine !!!

    Good bye, Vita Matyas.

  3. Persia Post author

    Hello Vita! Thank you for the nice letter. I am glad you found me at Persia’s Palace. My zodiac sign is Libra with Sagittarius rising and I have a Pices moon. Please tell me yours too. I get along with most other signs. I hope to meet you one day. I will have my webcam coming to the website very soon! It is such a miracle to be able to contact people on the other side of the world. Thanks again.

    Kisses and Hugs,

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