Happy Valentines Day!

I am up early and feeling very frisky and amorous this morning! Thanks to all of you who sent me Valentines this week. I really have some beautiful flowers to smell and have already eaten the chocolate. So look for puppet video a little later this week. I plan to make it tonight!

I will be posting all my travel dates on the website. My next trip is off to LA on Tuesday Feb. 21. I will be there through March 5th. Then get ready London! I will be ready to meet all you guys across the pond on March 20-April 3rd.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day and that you are getting laid! I am off to see my favorite man this morning OLD MAN PAR! It is beautiful in Florida and I just have to get out there early today!

Lots of colored kisses to all of you!

One thought on “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. RonGetzLucky

    Hope you had a wonderful valentines day. Looking amazing in the pics, as always. When are we finally going to get together and shoot some more stuff??? ;~)

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