Ooops! I am a little late. It is groundhog day today and we are already in the second month of the year. I have a feeling the northeast is going to have a long winter. Not meaning it to rub it in…… I have loved being in Florida since 1989. Lately, I am golfing all the time and doing some Skype shows and occasional custom videos. I will post some new photos in the blog so you can see what I look like. Alexis Golden contacted me last week and I may be shooting with her and posting the scene on Persias Palace. I really appreciate my members and fans and love to hear your emails at persiaspalace@gmail.com.

I may post on pornthevote.com soon so I can rant about President Obama and how disgusted I am in his politics and lies. I really feel this guy is destroying our country and is the worst president we have ever had. I won’t sour my blog here but save it for the political site.

On a brighter note, I gambled on the Patriots last night and won $500 even if I did almost have a heart attack watching the game! It was the most exciting game with the worst play of all time at the end!

For Christmas I bought my french bulldog, Phoebe a kitten, a Devonrex cat that I named “Dinky”. I will post photos soon!

I love you for being on the site and paying attention to the content and the blog. Please email me anytime with comments or requests. Have a very prosperous New Year!

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