Happy Holidays!

My holiday got off to a bang, literally with my photo shoot a Score Magazine. Stay tuned for two new flicks coming at the beginning of the year. I got to film with J Mack, the biggest stunt cock in Miami! I will be filming a special Christmas clip just for my members this month.

After Christmas, I am off to the Orange Bowl in Miami then I fly to Las Vegas for the Adult Video Network show. The show is so much fun and I will be sure to take lots of pictures for you all to see. I just love my new video phone. Life is so spontaneous, and I have gone clip crazy taking video every chance I get. Stay tuned and check out the daily clip section on the website. Maybe I have one of you!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Rayleigh

    Hi Persia! I love your new site and I love to hear you’re filming new videos. I can’t wait for seein them. I have got one question for you: are you really iranian?
    Anyway you are beatiful woman with those big… ( o Y o ) ‘s

  2. wrorpottepink

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