Help Persia Choose a Photo

Hey guys! I need your input on glossy photos to autograph at the Vegas show in January. I have so many photo galleries to choose from that I can’t decide which ones to pick from. Please email your favorite photo’s. I will choose five to take with me. I hope to see you guys at the show this year!


Persia Monir

5 thoughts on “Help Persia Choose a Photo

  1. realhmf

    Hey Persia

    I like the black and white set ….. then again, I am probably not “normal” (smile). See you in Vegas!


  2. mr davey

    Sweet Persia,

    For me, your best most sizzling photos are your most recent school girl #4 shots with you sitting on the floor wearing black boots, with a radiant smile on your most beautiful face, tweeking your perfect boobies and your hairy pussy lips aflapping, In these photos you are too beautiful for words and so succulent I fear I would eat you all up so there would be no left overs to enjoy on the morrow.

    Your number one fan,

    mr davey

  3. mr davey


    I dare say if you brought those school girl #4 photos to autograph you would have a long line of horny guys wanting and waiting to get one. You might consider putting some lipstick on your pussy lips and pressing them against every photo you autograph so every guy will have a pussy kiss imprint on his photo. In time, as your fame and fortune grows, those photo would be worth lots of money, probably more than a dollar! ha ha

    mr davey eating gravy

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