Internext 2009

Now that I am all rested up after my butt fest last weekend, I am getting ready for the Internext show in Hollywood this weekend. I plan to take lots of photos! It is always good to see my friends in the adult industry. I hope to meet a female porn star that I like. It is time for me to find a new girlfriend to hang with.

26 thoughts on “Internext 2009

  1. Pieguy

    Hi Persia

    Have a great time in Hollywood!!!

    I think those hat pictures are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING

    Can’t wait to cover you in pies

  2. Johnny Wad

    Hollywood, Cali or Florida? I swear, I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. If I had a choice between eating pussy and breathing, I’d end up suffocating … At least, it’d be an amazing few minutes up to my eyeballs in your soaking snatch.

  3. Persia Post author

    I am packing now for Hollywood Pieguy and I am taking a black bathing suit and the hat. I love that hat. Tits out, hat on sitting by the pool. Tough life down here you know?

  4. Johnny Wad

    I bet you can grip my 7-iron like a pro, sweetie. I won’t resist your, would love to spend a sunny day with my tongue on your G-spot, until we lose count of your orgasms and the sheets are soaked, Persia.

  5. Johnny Wad

    By the way, a yoni massage is something you’ll never forget, Persia. But I’ll you a nice Swedish massage first, just to get the blood flowing. By the way, Caveman is right, that dude has no idea what to do with woman of class and intelligence like yourself. Meanwhile, I do … and then some.

  6. Carlos

    Bet that pussy is sweet and wet like a ripe peach. A perfect summertime treat. Yuuuummmmmm ….

  7. Johnny Wad

    Really goodlooking? Hmmm … I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if you like tall, blue-eyed, fit and pretty well hung then let’s get this show on the road. I’ve been slammed at work, but can wiggle loose as early as tonight … if you have the energy and spontaneity, Persia. I’ll help get you focused heading into your wild weekend.

  8. Mr. X

    All the boys want you…but only a man can handle you. Hurry back lover so I can take care of you.

  9. Johnny G

    Hi Persia,

    I LOVE the new site design. Due to budget constraints this year I did not go to Florida for Internext. Consequently I am quite sad because I didn’t get to see you and some of my other convention buddies.

    I hope you had a GREAT time doing what you love.



  10. John Strange

    Hello Persia it’s John Strange. It was nice meeting you at internext, if I had known you were talent I would have chatted longer when Jeff introduced us. I assumed you just directed or produced. Very cool site by the way, 100% the way to go.


  11. Persia Monir

    Johnny G, we all know about the budget restraints….we are all feeling it. I would love to go to Amsterdam this year, but just not sure yet. Please stay in touch! Thanks for the comment.

  12. Persia Monir

    Johnny Wad, I know you are busy writing! You need to write a lesson book for males…SERIOUSLY!! I am impressed. So do you want me to refer to you by your stage name or your real name at our next rendezvous?

  13. Mr. X

    Mr. X is awaiting your sexy pussy lips and the sexy butt hole that I’m going to lick for a 1/2 hour. I can’t wait for you to cum all over my mouth. God Mr. X cant wait for those sweet kisses and that sexy look you give me while you ride my cock.

  14. Mr. X

    I hope your butt feels nice and clean today. The red gloves are beautiful on you. It felt so nice to be next to your naked body…beautiful:)

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