LA Behind The Scenes

Nobody likes to hear and see behind the scenes actions at shoots more than I do. My favorite part of any film is watching the blunders that the actors make. I wish I could share the film with you guys and even catch some of the incidents that happen on set, but all I can do is blog about them.

This past week when I shot for Naughty America I did a scene with AVN award winner (Best new young actor) Seth Gamble. The scene was hot and went very well. As usual, the production house was a beautiful mansion in LA. When we finished the scene, I put my clothes and shoes under my arm and was walking down the grand, spiral staircase. The stairs had a faux finish and were very slippery.  My feet came right out from under me, but being the nimble athlete that I am I hooked the iron banister with my arms and turned a potential  disastrous fall into a comical mishap with only a broken toe. Falls are  very funny to me and even funnier when you fall naked. Fortunately, I wasn’t hurt and I can still screw with a broken toe.

Friday, I did a late shoot with Girlfriends Films. It was a scene for the Mother Daughter Exchange Club (MDEC). I got to be the creepy MILF one more time. The staff had been shooting all day and Aubrey Belle and I were the last shoot of the day. Candygirl (camera one) was giddy like people get when they have worked long hours. I had just started the foreplay part of the bedroom scene when I thought I heard her snickering; then she lost it laughing out loud. I was seducing Aubrey and telling her that I just wanted her to relax. I thought uh oh! This is going to be a long night if she is laughing at the serious parts. We were all giggling contagious from Candygirl. Finally, we collected ourselves and I got back into character when the director ripped a loud fart. That was it….we all fell apart and were in tears for 15 minutes. I am still laughing. I really had a hard time not losing it while I was sucking on Aubrey’s nipples and fat, pink pussy.

LA rocks! Now I am getting ready for big pie scenes on Friday. Alexis Rain and Ava Devine are getting to eat their first pie!

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