LA Trip

One week in LA is just not enough for me! I crammed in as much activity as I could. We will be posting some behind the scenes clips from some of the scenes I shot while I was there. The new scenes will be featuring: Jessie Palmer (who by the way shot her very first porno with me);  Lexi Bloom ( my Persian counterpart),  Herschel Savage, Kelly Leigh and Jay Huntington.  My photographer, Charlie and I thought we had seen everything in this business, but it was not so….while we are setting up to shoot for the day, in walks Jay with his father in tow with his walker. The old man sat out by the pool while we shot our scenes. My only regret is that I did not get Kelly and Jay fucking around outside in front of the old man. It had us in stitches laughing!

Herschel who plays my husband in “Naughty Niece” is quite the performer for a seasoned pornstar.  We met the first day I was in LA at a sports bar to watch a UFC championship. We had instant chemistry and had a couple of patrons watching us kiss and fondle each other rather than the fight. It was a blast!

I want you all to let me know how you like the new content!

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