Las Vegas Day #3

Since this is the busiest day of the show, I had to wear one of my favorite colors….hot pink! I did some belly dancing too, but unfortunately didn’t get a clip of it. I met so many fans today and for the first time at a show, I ran out of business cards. Sean Michael’s assistant sent over an autographed photo and told me he was on his way over to see me, so I sent one of my photos autographed back to him. Check out our photos together. I can’t wait to make a film with him.

After the show I started the night with the” Real Handsome Motherfucker” and his girlfriend at Sapphire ( the largest titty bar anywhere). This club even has private boxes! The strippers were happy and beautiful. It was a great place for our Vegas Happy Hour. My next stop was Prive a hot club in Vegas. The stop was short and sweet as my friends swisked me away to an orgy. The voyeur in me loved it, but it was short lived as a girl I met there insisted I leave with her and go to a fetish party. This wasn’t a mainstream, public fetish party like we have in Florida, this was the real deal. It was a blast, but the sun was coming up and I left the man barking like a dog and the man dressed in a maid’s outfit kneeled in chains on the floor and went to the roulette table. Not my lucky night, but at least I know when to stop!

One thought on “Las Vegas Day #3

  1. realhmf

    Yeah! Sapphire was great. Guys, you shoulda seen our dear Persia making out with the strippers! Drawing on them with lipstick ….. very damned sexy. As a connoisseur of strip clubs I certainly put Sapphire up there with the best of the best. My girlfriend has been to many of these clubs with me and she totally agrees.

    Persia, you are a great date!


    the one and only realhandsomemotherfucker!

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