Las Vegas Day #5

One of the best days of the week. I did another fabulous shoot with Naughty America. Charles Dera was my studly fuck buddy in the scene. Hot! Hot! Hot! I rushed off to another shoot with Ron Getz. He was so much fun and easy to work with! You will see some clips from our shoot on the website. He helped me get dressed for the Internext Party. I met everyone at The Palms Bar and met old friends and made some new ones. The main party that night was at Sapphire. It was so much fun! I got on stage and did a little stripper routine. I met lots of people and spent quite a bit of my time in a lip lock with a very, handsome, German man.

By the time I made it back to my room, I realized that I had left my bag of clothes at the desk at The Palms. I decided not to sleep and just started packing to leave that morning. My phone started ringing again….it was a producer I know that wanted to shoot me the day before. He invited me to breakfast, but I knew he wanted my pussy pancake to eat. I was right. He entered my room and nailed me. I can honestly say that I fucked myself right out of town and back to Florida!

10 thoughts on “Las Vegas Day #5

  1. mr davey

    Glad you had so much fun in Vegas. Hope Life back in Florida will be just as fun. That’ s what life should be about, fun, fun, fun!

    mr. d.

  2. RonGetzLucky

    You were so much fun to work with as well my dear. We need to get together and shoot some more stuff really soon…you know I can’t wait to taste you again ;~}

  3. Johnny G

    Reading your blog Persia reminded me of all the things that I did in Las Vegas this time around. It seems so long ago. I came back home with a nasty cold and a shortage of sleep. I was in bed for two days recovering and then I started jury duty for a week.

    I went to the fetish party on Friday night and had to leave around 3:am because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I think the best memory that I have of you is climbing up on the stage at Sapphire and trying to get Ron Jeremy to dance. It was so classic Persia Monir.

    I look forward to the next convention.

    Johnny G

  4. Persia Monir

    Thanks for the mention John. I wanted to get the poor phone serviced while in NYC. It is like an Olympic bike with a flat tire, but I am going to ride it as long as possible. LOL!

  5. RonGetzLucky

    Hey babe, you’ll be in LA in Feb and March…well to bad I’m not based in LA :( I’m on east coast in Baltimore (in about 2 feet of snow right now!) so hopefully we’ll be able to get together some other time…very very soon of course ;~}

  6. Steven

    Persia that scene is great, like how you enjoy the pussy licking and the ass fingering, you are the best

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