A Lesson In Prosperity

People ask me all the time, “How did you get into the Porn Industry?” Well, I never thought I would be in this industry. I didn’t plan most things in my life. Sex has always been a priority for me, so the adult industry is a perfect place for me in an imperfect world. What I am vigilant at is goal setting. One of my friends suggested that I post the story I am about to write……
Around 1991 I was living in Ft. Myers, Florida and working as a nurse. My son was 4 years old and I was a single parent without any other financial or emotional support system. My mother was recovering in a twelve step program at the time and kept asking me to visit the church she was attending. I really am adverse to organized religion, but I went to visit in support of her recovery. The church was introducing an 18 week course in Prosperity. It sounded interesting until the preacher spent the majority of his introduction sounding off about the importance of tithing (donating 10% of one’s income to the church). He emphasized that if the tithe was begrudged and not from the heart that it would be an exercise in futility. I was angry inside at his request. I was living on a string and could barely make ends meet. I had a small child to support and was not about to give what little income I had at the time to a church! As I sat there feeling sorry for myself, the ushers started to pass a collection plate. I looked inside my empty billfold and to my surprise, I found sixty dollars hidden deep inside one of the pockets. It was found money. Since I didn’t know that I had that money, I decided to give it to the church. Within 2 days, I received a gift of $300.00 from my father ( who believed in hard work and one taking care of themselves without help from others) and another gift from a man in my neighborhood (for no apparent reason at all). I attended the 18 week course at the church. In that time, I changed my life and my direction. My goals and dreams started to unfold because I believed in them, meditated on them and made them happen. I continue to exercise my beliefs and subsequently I am prosperous. I have found that it is not reaching the goal necessarily, but that the journey is the exciting most important part for me.

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