And I thought New York City was a melting pot!!!!! London is the center of the world. It has the whitest people by nature and the blend of people whether they be black, chinese, eastern european, or arab mixtures are so perfectly woven into the community. This is my first time here, so I am an outsider, but with that comes a kind of naive awareness. The people here seem to have an acceptance that we don’t have in America.

I like to think of myself as worldly. Brave, I am, and I have always loved to travel and tackle the next adventure. I gave myself a double whammy this month. Not only is it daylight savings time in the U. S. , I arrived in London and very promptly slept 15 hours to beat the jet lag and today I lost another London hour to UK daylight savings time. My dreams are bizarre too…I keep dreaming about a flying dutchman that flies me away to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I need more sleep right? I guess I wasn’t so smart in my choice of weeks to visit eh?

You all know how naughty I am, but honestly, I saw my very first, peep show in the soho district of London today. It was around 3 pm and my friend Omar and I were walking down the street in the gay and red-light district. He had never seen one either. I have been in adult video houses and watched movies, but in the US, peep shows were New Orleans in the 70′s or NYC around the same time. In the U.S. one would have to find a dark alley I think to see what we did today. We crammed ourselves in a booth, paid 2 pounds and the fogged glass cleared up as we put our coins in the slot; this tall redhead with perfect tight boobs, big ass and a fat pussy danced and teased us for about 3 minutes. If she would have spread her legs the entire time rather than covering herself up until the last 30 seconds, I would have spent more than 4 pounds on her I assure you. For someone like me, it ain’t the tease at all……more pussy and I pay more!

I will be blogging about my trip as I plan to go to Paris this week as well. Things I have seen here that I don’t see in the states: Outrageous lamb burgers! Shopping that never ends. If you have shopping addiction, warning: don’t visit London! Harrods is going to break me! I met an Iraqi man named Bill, no, it is not his nickname, it is his given name. Only in the UK will you see these things! In the states, all of our commercials on T. V. these days are selling drugs. In the UK they advertise gravy!!!! I hope to take some reality video while I am here and share it on the website. Cheers! As they say in the UK.

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