I Love My Fans!!!!!

Hello Everybody! I hope you all are having a successful start in the new year! I am really enjoying our fabulous weather in south Florida and plan to stay put this month. My tan lines are faded and I want to sharpen the lines by spending lots of time at the beach. Sexy Vanessa and I will be shooting new scenes together this month. I get lots of requests for Stepmother/Son scenes; (I call them creepy MILF scenes). I really hate the “incest” type scenes, but I realize that people who masturbate frequently become more perverse with age. I am the pot calling the kettle black if you will! Heee heeeee! Any ideas that you want me to do??? Please email your ideas to

I just returned from Boston and New York City. Yes, I arrived when a cold blast draped the northeast. It was a nice change to walk outside and feel my face freeze instantly. One day I was bundled up walking down 6th Avenue (hat on, scarf covering my mouth and my big fur coat on); fifteen minutes later I get a text on my phone from a fan that just walked past me on the street. How in the hell did he recognize me? I ended up having drinks with him at the “Iguana” bar later that day. He had called his buddy on the phone and said “I think I just saw Persia Monir on 6th Ave”. His friend got online and said, “She is in New York! Here is her number, why don’t you send her a text!” The rest is history.

I met lots of great people on this last tour. New York is still the capital of the world for me! I do plan to visit Philadelphia this spring (March or April) and then back to New York. Later this year I will be visiting San Francisco and Toronto. I will blog and tweet as it gets closer to time. Thanks to all of you for your love, affection and gifts! Big Kisses to you all!

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