I am sickened by the lost souls of this new generation. They are all victims and pussies that have no work ethic. Everybody wants something for free and this country was built on hard work. What this country does not have is happiness! Every time I turn on the television it seems like another disaster or evil deed. Where is Superman?

The second amendment gives us the right to bear arms and protect ourselves, however the safety of guns in this country is lost. There are millions of unlicensed carriers that are in the street. I just wrote about the FALL OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE. It is happening before our eyes. Our congressman sit around safe tables in their suits and continue to argue in the comfort of their environment that they have written laws for. How about an amendment for these guys that serve a 2 year term and don’t pay social security. FUCK YOU! When are these guys going to make laws for GUN SAFETY NOT CONTROL. Concealed weapons licensed has run a muck and somehow there is a a black market that could probably be controlled by our government. Obama Care may be taking care of lots of gunshot wounds if American people do step up to the plate!

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