The Masters Bubba is a Winner!

What a great tournament today. Glad I didn’t gamble today, because all the horses were neck to neck. Phil looked great even after his par three debacle he still had a chance. I was routing for Shrek to the end, his swing was perfect and he almost pulled it off and just because Bubba Watson is about as friendly as Tiger in real life. ( I experienced his personality last year live and in color at Augusta and this guy wouldn’t sign an autograph for the kids or anyone in the par three tournament). I even nicknamed him Bubba beauty mark…..but the cream always rises to the top and he did. That last shot he hit to the green was what golfers do when they fight and will it in the hole. Bubba had so much emotion when he won. I respect a guy that can keep his emotions in check and then finally let go when the moment is right. Bubba’s emotion touched me. Nothing sexier than a man that can express himself. He won, and with a humble statement of gratitude. I shut it off when he started babbling about the ascension of Christ. Lord have mercy on us all!

A new green jacket has been donned and Bubba Watson is a Master!

Happy Easter to you all. Check out my golf photo on twitter @persiamonir

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