It’s Masters Week At Augusta National!

I will be returning from London just in time to be a couch potato and watch The Masters Golf tournament. It is a tradition in my home and I planned my trip around it so I could recover from jet lag, relax and enjoy my favorite television event.

I am a firm believer that private clubs can make their own rules and decides who has membership rights or not. Once again, Augusta National is in the spotlight for not allowing women as part of their membership. I.B.M. is one of the tournaments top 3 sponsors. Traditionally, the chief executive is invited to join Augusta. Here is the dilemma this year, Virginia M. Rometty is the new CEO of I.B.M. I don’t know if Ms. Rometty plays golf, but that would certainly push the issue.

I like the idea of keeping a membership elite by handicap not sex, race or religion. It is a game of skill, hard work and perseverance. If she is a CEO of I.B.M. I bet she just might be a single digit handicap too!

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