Members Questions

I love when my members ask me questions. Here goes guys:

1. The first time I had sex was at the age of 14. My boyfriend and I were curious about sex and decided to give it a go. He rode his bicycle to my house in the middle of the night and snuck in the window. Intercourse was unsuccessful, but over the next 2 years we managed to have a very, intimate high school romance. FYI, he proposed marriage when I was 16. I declined the offer because of my young age. He found me on Facebook last year and asked me again.

2. What is my favorite sex scene ever?  Hard to say. There are fun things about all of them. I think the most fun ever shot was “Persia’s Cookin”. That was real life sex and we were all into the experience and making the film, it wasn’t about money or doing a job. My favorite male stars are: Ramon, Lexington Steele, Alex Gonz and Levi Cash.

3. My most painful scene?  Probably my first anal scene with Levi, but not because I took it in the ass, it was because my ankle was bent and crammed under the railing of the couch we were fucking on!!!!!

Unfortunately,  because of the volume of mail I receive, I cannot send members private photos. One reason I have a website is to post my film and photos for all of you to see. It is my vocation and advocation and I love it!

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