My Excellent Birthday

I want to share with you all my fabulous birthday this year. No I didn’t get a pie in the face like I wanted, but instead I rode machines! The updates and these scenes will be on the website very soon. I met my editor a couple of years ago at an invitation only industry get together in Baja Mexico. The shoot “Bimbos in Mexico” was shot in that location. I never guessed that the friends and made on that trip would become an important part of my life. I have heard them talking about the Sybian and their girls on machines website since I met them. On my birthday, I became one of those girls on machines. We started off slowly with a MILF scene in the office. I have phone sex with a very good friend of mine every week, so in the scene I decided to call him and have phone sex with him on film.

Next scene was missionary with BLUE COCK. This was the least favorite of the machines. BLUE COCK pounded me! We took a break and decided to film a  clip of PERSIA’S SAFETY TIPS! You are going to love these when I post the clip on the website. Sex is fun and this clip made us all laugh very hard. After my instructional video came the SAW, another mechanical pain in the vagina.

The crew was all excited anticipating my Sybian Ride. I am the first girl to ride  the Sybian while on a fork lift. Orgasms with machines are good, but nothing replaces the human touch of a man! It was a fun and very unusual birthday for me this year.

7 thoughts on “My Excellent Birthday

  1. mr davey

    My God Persia.

    You call it your excellent birthday when you were fucked by machines all day? Have you gone android on us? What if one of those machines impregnated you with a mutant ninja turtle that speaks Persian with a machine accent? What will you do then, Oh MILF?

    Don’ t you know that a fuck machine has no emotions or conscience and therefore cannot care about you, love you or even be concerned that you reach a climax with pussy juices squirting everywhere? Surely an intelligent Milf like you knows such things. Maybe you are just trying to make all us fans of yours jealous. I don’ t know what the situation is but I want to register my strong protest. Please let the machines go fuck themselves. But you my dear, please stick with humans, especially us males who want to fuck your brains out. And once your brains have been thoroughly fucked out, then we will call in a brainless machine to continue to fuck you until the cows come home and go out again. And it will really be your excellent birthday and we will all live happily ever after.
    I am not joking and if you think I am then all I can say is, “I know you are but what am I?”

    Love you cupcake.

    mr davey

  2. Persia Post author

    Believe me I tried! I wanted to make a scene with a guy and pie his cock, but it didn’t happen. I have holiday pie scene for you!

  3. Tom

    Aww come on someone had to shove a pie in your face at some point, even if it wasnt on camera! :P. Birthday girl gets what birthday girl wants.

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