My New Boob Job!

My back has been hurting me now for a while. When I went to get it checked out, the prognosis was that it was from the constant strain of these huge tits I have been carrying around. So I finally made the difficult decision to get a boob reduction. It was a tough decision but it worked, and I feel much better! Be sure to let me know what you all think!!!

My Boob Job

What Do You Think Of My New Boobs?

10 thoughts on “My New Boob Job!

  1. realhmf

    HA HA! No fool am I. Nice try for the 1st of April

    love ya


  2. D1MrB

    I just realised yesterday was April fools day and if this is an April fools joke you’ve gone and got me good.
    Well done Persia.
    Nothing changes I still luv ya big tits or no little tits.

  3. RonGetzLucky

    The photo shop would have had to be a little better. I would have shed a tear and then told you that you look great and would have meant it of course. Btw, check out the new clip I just added to my online store, it’s of a certain incredibly hot milf pornstar I fucked a few months back…pre-reduction ofcourse ;~}

  4. RonGetzLucky

    Nope, couldn’t fool, but remember I’ve had my hands (and other assorted body parts) all over those beauties…so I know! lol.

    Thanks, glad you like the store. Now I just need to keep working on getting my DVD’s done, thats the real pain in the ass :)

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