New York City

New York is always a great place for me to visit even if it is raining. My sisters and I love broadway shows and caught a few while we were there. First we hit the ground running and saw the Jimmy Fallon Show! He is very funny and quite intelligent. His house band “Roots” is fantastic. The next day we went to the matinee of “La Cage Au Foilles”. I have always been fascinated with tranvestites, so this show was great entertainment. One of my sisters and I saw “South Pacific”. It was tremendous and the only show we saw that had a live orchestra. Most shows use canned music these days, quite disappointing. We also saw “A Little Night Music” with Catherine Zeta Jones. She is pretty, but we walked out after the first act. We were all falling asleep. It was like watching paint dry. Skip that show!
A restaurant you MUST go to is Basso on W. 56th Street! Best Italian food I have had in awhile.
I got to see a couple of fans while I was in the Big Apple, but I can’t show and tell!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “New York City

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