I just had to come to Paris for a couple of days since I was already across the pond. I wish we had a rail system like they do in Europe. I buzzed over on the Eurostar and came right to my beautiful hotel ( that my friend recommended), thank you for that! I dashed out and got a metro rail pass and went over to Pigale street. Ironically, it has a red-light district over there; however, that is not the reason I went to that area. I grabbed a delicious Nicoise salad at a cafe and then walked up the hill to the Sacre couer At Monmartre. You can see all of Paris from the top of the hill. I took a trolley ride and then came back to my neighborhood. As I was walking a man tapped me on the back and told me I looked like a dancer. Good line!!! The best part of being a pornstar is getting to shock people with the fact. I said, “No I am not, I am a porn star!” Of course, he stammered WWWWHHHAATTTT? As his eyes bugged out of his head. He is a pilates teacher and on his way to a private class. He invited me for a drink tonight, and since I am alone, I accepted. The unfortunate thing for most men is that they think they will get lucky with me, but Lucky Al was a rare incident. I will fill you all in later.

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