Persia Goes Pie Sexual

Wait until you guys see this action!!!! It is almost as fun as sex!!! Truly I have never laughed this hard in my life. The pie queen, Nicole, my new playmate told me a very funny story after one of her pie videos. She had a boyfriend at the time that thought she was just doing regular modeling and promotion one day….well, after getting pied, she cleaned up, went home and naturally was fucking her man when, KABOOM! out of her pussy shot a stream of chocolate pudding. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT HONEY?” Nicole cracked up and had to confess about the pie video.

39 thoughts on “Persia Goes Pie Sexual

  1. Sungod

    Looks like you had a ball! What did you think when you saw ALL….THOSE…PIES!!!!????…lol How did the first pie feel?

  2. Persia Post author

    It was very natural for me. I have had this fetish all my life I guess. Can’t get enough pie in the face. Absolutely a gas….hilarious fun! Wait until you see the video. I can hit a golf ball but missed Nicole’s face completely and tossed a pie over her head!

  3. Sungod

    First time jitters hun…LOL. I think you may have found an avocation….LOL..and at your age..a woman should know better than to be playing with pies…LOL

  4. Persia Post author

    I think I am 50 years young because I am so immature!!! I will never give up pies. I spoke to Nicole yesterday. We are planning the next pie picnic already!

  5. Persia Post author

    Nicole is sooo hot! If it doesn’t rain, we are doing a beach shoot together this weekend. I will try to have something other than pie shooting out of her pussy!

  6. Sungod

    I’m 49 and have always enjoyed playing with pies and watching others. It’s so cool that someone with you looks and great personality enjoys this too! While I have a “real life”, it’s a fun “hobbie”!

  7. Persia Post author

    I can’t wait to see the video. I don’t know how sexy it is because I am laughing uncontrollably in it!!!!

  8. Persia Post author

    Thank you. I am pie natural, pie sexual and pie delicious. Lenny the pie man says He won the lotto in piedom when he met me. Pie in the sky for sure!

  9. Persia Post author

    Good idea! I will remember that with the next pie video. I will have Nicole formally crown me and put a gold dildo in my hand to reign piedom!

  10. Sungod

    Bakery scene…bitchy customer…inept counter help….leading to naked pie fun!!!

  11. Sungod

    OR…restaurant scene…inept waier/waitress….you the high-brow customer….both dressed…progressing to pied and nude :)

  12. Johnny_Yen

    Persia, I love your pie in the face set and think it’s cool that you have a pie fetish yourself. I would like to hear about how long you’ve had it, what you think of it why you haven’t been pied until now, etc.

    I would love to see a video of you naked, on your knees, sucking cock getting pie after pie in the face.

  13. Persia Post author

    Oh! I will do that video. I think I have had a pie fetish since I was about 2 years old. By the way, I make all kinds of pies, really well too. I can make a homemade fruit pie with a double lattice crust in about 10 minutes. My favorite pie is coconut cream. How about you?

  14. Samantha Stafford

    Hi Persia! Samantha here! I loved this! You guys looked great. I have to admit that when you said pie it didn’t sound that interesting but WOW!!! It turned me on. I really like your playmate that you did it with. I would love to meet her someday. Oh! that strap-on wasn’t laying around the house when I was playing with your toys:-( I would have loved that one! til next time. xoxoxo

  15. Persia Post author

    Samantha, you and I are the update this week. You are sooooo hot! I will have an entire new array of dildos when you return and we can eat all the pie off of your pussy that you want. Nicole and I can do it together! Talk to you soon beautiful!

  16. Persia Post author

    I am glad you find this pie wallowing as sexy as I do. It is so soft rolling around in all that cream!!! WOW!

  17. Sungod

    Samantha, always respect your elders…lol….give Persia the pie-ing of a lifetime….LOL

  18. Persia Post author

    OOOhhhhhh! I hope so. I am having pie withdrawals! I think Nicole and I are going to have to do more pie asap! I wish Samantha were in Florida so we could have a pie orgy!

  19. Persia Monir

    Man! Sungod! I can’t tell you how many minutes of my day are occuppied (no pun intended LOL) with that Pie shoot. I am calling Nicole when I go to Miami tomorrow and surprise her. We both love the whole pie thing soooo much. Why don’t you fly down and be our pie thrower, smasher, pusher, whatever? LOL

  20. sungod

    Don’t tempt me…LOL…I’d be honored to be a pie assassin…hahhahah….or a pie stooge…I’d LOVE to be pied by two sexy gorgeous naked pie ladies :)

  21. Persia Monir

    what? did I miss something? The “Persia Goes PieSexual” video is pretty much unedited. Sungod, get your coolwhip out for this one….and I am scheming already for the next Pie Vid. I may do it voyeur style and let the public watch. What do you think?

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