Persia Is Getting Hitched!!!

I wanted all of my members to be the first to know that I have met the man of my dreams! He proposed to me and we plan to fly to Paris to get married at the end of May. Unfortunately, he does not want me to be in the business anymore, so I will have to give up the porn movies and the adult industry altogether. I will miss you all very much! And if you believe all of this crap for one minute then you have been April Fooled. LOL. Persia isn’t going anywhere except to make another movie on Friday this week.

Big Kiss to you all….Have a Wonderful Day!


2 thoughts on “Persia Is Getting Hitched!!!

  1. Mike

    haha!! Good One Persia.

    damn, I almost believed it too. lol..

    on a different note. what does a man like me have to do to make his dream come true. which is to experience Persia?????

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