Persia Wins Halloween Costume Contest!

So I am in Washington DC waiting in my hotel to meet one of my biggest foot fetish fans…..for those of you that don’t know this, foot guys are very particular about what they prefer on feet and legs.  As requested, I had on a black garter bed with dark brown sheer stockings, a satin and lace bra and panty set and 6 inch heels. Knock on the door….Trick or Treat? Oops! It wasn’t my foot man but the manager of the hotel coming to greet me.  It gets complicated, he is a friend of a female fan of mine in DC and she wanted him to meet me. He didn’t know I was a Pornstar or as a matter of fact he didn’t know anything about me! His blue eyes became wide as saucers and he just stood there stunned mouth gaping and drooling on my cleavage.  I just asked him how he liked my Halloween costume!  Hope your party was as fun as mine.

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