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Hey Ya’ll! I kind of wish I was going to the AVN Show in Vegas. It looks like I would have had some good action and fun out there! A couple of years ago I shot for a company called “ALL OVER 30″ and they wanted to shoot me in Vegas this month. I really hate missing my friends and fans, but I am putting it on the books for next year.

January is a big month for women’s amateur golf, so I opted to play in 2 of the big tournaments. I start another one on Monday and will take photos and share the results with you. Lookout! I just got a new Titliest D2 Driver and I love it!!!

On January 22nd I will be arriving in Boston. I plan to be there all week through the 28th, so looking to hang with my Bostonian fans, finally! After Boston, I will be back in my favorite city, the Big Apple, New York at the end of February 21-29th. Since it is a leap year, I had to stay that day. My next trip will be to London, England in March. I don’t have the dates yet, but I just can’t wait as it is my first time to visit there.

Look for more taboo type productions from me this year. They are a big hit.  I especially want to thank my loyal fans who continue to send me pirated links. People continue to steal my material, but as long as  I have members joining my website and you all buy DVD’s, I can stay in business. Don’t forget to go to  We are also putting all the videos up on the VOD site


Persia Monir

3 thoughts on “Persia’s Adventures

  1. Persia Monir

    Thank you Seth. The show usually has some new novelty item. Be creative and send me something different. Dildos are always good too.

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